Serving my style of Internet BS since 1996.

Back in the early 90's, AOL was one of a very few Internet service providers.  (If you can remember Q-Link, Prodigy and CompuServe you've been around awhile)  AOL charged by the hour back then and was quite expensive.

One of the fun sections on AOL was Rabbit Jacks Casino.  Bingo was the game, but it was more than bingo.  There was a feeling of family among the bingo players.

The Casino Devil was born in October of 1998.  I had noticed that many of the bingo players and QRJs  (bingo hosts) had made some lovely bingo web pages.  I said to myself, "Self, you can do that."  After about a week of frustration, I realized that I couldn't really do that, so I did it anyway.

To make a short story long, for several years I did a monthly updated bingo theme page.  My screen name was RJsDevil and only a very few of the other players knew my real identity.

On October 2, 2000,  America Online did away with the RJs bingo parlors and sold the bingo games to Electronic Arts.  It was done with no advance notice whatsoever.  Shortly after that, I quit my AOL subscription.  I have not purchased an Electronic Arts product since that time.

With fond memories of Rabbit Jill and QRJ Dale, the Casino Devil remains on the internet.  This section is updated monthly.
The Casino Devil's Section contains adult material.  A password is required for entry.  If you have previously bookmarked the Casino Devil, I have not changed any file locations.  If you would like to know the password, please send me an email request.