Why have a web page if you don't use it to brag a little?  It's hard to believe, but after being a grandpa for ten years, There is a second grandson.  Nathaniel William was born on 05DEC01 at 1722 hours.  For you non-military types, that translates to December 1, 2005 at 5:22 p.m.  He weighed in at seven pounds and 10 ounces with on a 21.75 inch frame.

Album Title SynopsisDate Added
Nathan's First Day At the hospital on December 1, 200502 July 2008
Little League Baseball Playing Little League baseball through the years.01 July 2014
Enjoying a CookieNathan is about a year old .  He is eating a cookie at the mall.02 July 2014
Golf Camp 2014Golf tournament held at the end of camp.17 July 2014
NASA Field Trip 2016Class trip to NASA in Houston, Texas.18 April 2016

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